This Year’s Technology Revolution – Running Your Car on Water – HHO Gas – Cars extreme

The world was shocked by the coming of this years technology revolution. The prospect of running your car on water (aka HHO gas) it may even be bigger than the creation of the steam engine. Yep you read right, since this year you can run your car on water. As outstanding as it may seem it’s a reality that will change the world as we know it.We are all aware of the extremely high gas prices, but there was nothing we could do, we could get a hybrid car but that’s extremely expensive, we could go to work on bikes but that’s not good too. A man stumbled across a solution to this problem by accident. Here’s how everything works, he used electricity to separate water into a gas known as HHO. This gas has the atomic power of hydrogen but maintains the stability of water (VERY SAFE). He first used the gas to weld things and only then he realized it’s true potential.He applied the technology to his car, used electricity from his car’s battery and directed the gas trough the fuel intake. Extremely basic and simple, and it turns out that his car is now 50% more fuel efficient. No doubt that this is the greatest technological advancement of today, a real revolution in this gas crisis. Who would have thought that running your car on water, the world’s most abundant material will be the solution?Now you have probably figured out that you will save thousands of dollars if you apply this to your car, but how will this help mankind on a global level? Sure it will increase everybody’s mileage substantially, everybody will save money on gas, gas companies will go bankrupt, mother earth will be happy because everyones car will have extremely lower emissions, car lovers will get much more horsepower and longevity to their cars, and all of us will get IRS refunds owned to us by the law for using green technology in our cars. It’s just to great to be true.Now how do yo go about installing this on you car? Well you could go at your local auto shop, but they will probably charge you 500$ for the kit and another 500$ for installment, you will need some time to recoup that investment. Another thing you could do, the way I did it, is to get a Do It Yourself Guide from the internet. These things will teach you everything step by step, they are designed for people that have 0 knowledge about cars (me) and show everything with illustrations and videos.Your top of the line quality guides costs no more then 50$ and if you get a good one, it will even tell you places near you that have the cheapest materials on the market. In this case you could set your car up with a HHO kit for less then 100$. Now that’s cheap, considering the instant benefits you will experience, you will recoup this money in less then 1 month.In conclusion, this years technology revolution is here for a reason, get a piece of it, run your car on water, make an HHO kit and STOP! paying the gas companies tons of money just because they say so.

How To Choose Aero For Your Drift Car – Cars extreme

The first step to making a drift run look cool is driving a cool looking car. This article will focus on how you can make your car stand out in the eyes of spectators as well as judges. After all, you can run the best line of the day but if your car looks like a pile of shit than nobody is going to care. Even if you win a competition you still have to go home looking like a loser.The first step to properly styling a drift car is choosing an overall theme that all parts will sort of fall under. Are you going for a street styled, clean and simplistic look? Or do you prefer mad radical and in your face track-car style that screams “look at me!”? There are all sorts of happy mediums between the two, but every part on your car must flow with the overall theme that you should have picked out before assembling parts. You must have a vision of what everything will look like assembled and complete.Once you have an overall theme picked out the first step to properly styling a drift car is choosing what aero you will go with. If you are thinking of going with a more street styled and clean lined theme, then something like Vertex aero with minimalistic lines and clean styling is a great choice. Pair a subtle front bumper with some very clean and simple side skirts, and your car will be sure to impress everyone. Once you have the fronts figured out, a rear bumper that completes the clean and street look should be picked out. In a street styled car, a rear wing is entirely optional. Some people like to run no wing and let the aero and wheels do the talking. Some prefer to run a very clean lip wing such as the Supermade, which is my personal favorite. Another very cool option is the GP sports three piece lip wing which combines a center section with two side pieces on the fenders to give a low profile and sleek accent to subtle and street styled aero.Once the front bumper, sideskirts, rear bumper, and rear wing have been chose, a you must choose what fenders to go with. Usually with a street styled theme you should try to pick some sort of widebody fenders that aren’t super aggressive but still allow easy changing when crashes and love-touches happen on track. Twenty millimeter fenders out front and fifty millimeters out back is a typical setup for a street styled car. Some drivers even prefer to stick with stock metal fenders but the reparability and functionality often suffers. Fenders are often overlooked but can truly make or break the overall presence of a drift car. Too narrow and the car looks timid and weak. Too wide for the aero you run and the cars look bulgy and out of place.If you want to go with a track styled and very loud and obnoxious drift car theme than there are countless options waiting for you. The most ridiculous and obscene aero that most people think of is BN Sports. BN lines are extremely flared and often extend a cars overall width by up to 6 inches. A flared front bumper paired with flared side skirts and rear bumper scream for attention and make the car look similar to a hovercraft. Some other wild and crazy aero companies are Works9 and Origin, both offering similar styled kits that are known for being loud and crazy. The common theme for a track styled car is to go as wide as possible and have very sharp, flat lines that help accentuate super wide wheels that extend far beyond even wide fenders.Usually on track styled cars people tend to run GT wings with giant stays at least 10 inches tall. A GT wing is anything that has detachable stays that place the wing plane high above the roof line of the car. A common theme to make your drift car look wider and cooler is running the wing stays extremely far apart from each other, sometimes even out on the fenders. Another way to make your car stand out is to run custom stays with crazy designs and patterns cut into them. Some people run shooting stars, crazy patterns, or simple little cut outs with simple cuts to reduce weight while still retaining structural integrity. Occasionally people will shy away from GT wings and run something super bad ass such as the 326 power wing. This wing is extremely aggressive and has fang type side plates that extend down almost to the quarter panels. This allows a driver to stay away from strict GT wings but still keep an extremely aggressive look that intimidates other drivers.After the main accessories have been chosen, the next step to finalizing your aero choices is to pick out all of the details. In a street styled car a roof wing is typically a good call, keeping things fresh and clean without going over the top. A roof wing also can look cool with a GT wing because it helps divert some of the attention away from it. People have also been known to run small lip wings along with roof wings and GT wings, sort of the trifecta idea. Another common detail is the use of canards on the front and rear bumpers. Although originally used in strict time attack racing the use of canards can increase the aggressiveness of both subtle and radical aero.